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The Judges

We have some amazing personalities judging this years British Live Fire Cooking Championships

Sam & Shauna

Sam and Shauna are fire chefs, street food pioneers and restaurateurs in the world of outdoor cooking. Since starting their BBQ brand ‘Hang Fire’ in 2013, they have become renowned for their expertise in American BBQ, winning numerous awards for their creative approach. As judges for our competition, they bring their passion, energy, and expertise, which they showcase on their BBC TV show, ‘Sam & Shauna’s Big Cookout.

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Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Taylor is a renowned live fire chef, and the author of 13 cookery books, including bestsellers like Seared and Charred. As a biologist by training, she emphasizes sustainability and seasonality, focusing on cooking seafood over live fire. As a judge for our competition, Genevieve brings her extensive knowledge and passion for live fire cooking, which she shares through her Bristol Fire School and BBC Food Programme appearances.

Matt Blak

Matt Blak, a proud New Zealand Maori, brings over 30 years of culinary expertise, having worked at prestigious London establishments like Soho House, Bluebird, and Maze Grill. Now running his consultancy business, Kaiwhenua, Matt creates innovative recipes and collaborates with top BBQ brands. As a judge for our competition, he brings a deep knowledge of live fire cooking and passion for delicious food.

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Want to enter?

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