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All the key information you need to know about the competition, all in one place.

Adam Purnell cooking on a Kadai Firebowl at Ludlow Food Festival

How did the British Live Fire Cooking Championships come to be?

The British Live Fire Cooking Championships is brought to you by two BBQ and live fire-loving businesses, Kadai and Love Logs. Cooking at home over live fire has evolved from traditional barbecue food to creative and inspiring dishes that no longer include dry burgers or charred sausages. 

Together, Love Logs and Kadai wanted to create a unique opportunity for live-fire chefs to showcase their skills and create mouthwatering dishes. Giving birth to the first-ever British Live Fire Cooking Championships. 

Renowned live-fire cooking advocate and chef Adam Purnell, Shropshire Lad, has brought an exhilarating prize. Fresh from his trip to the World Food Championships, Adam has secured an exciting opportunity for the British Live Fire Cooking Championships winner. The first-place prize is a golden ticket to compete in the live-fire category on the global stage in Indianapolis. Sponsored by Kadai and Love Logs, the winner will also receive flights to the US, accommodation, and money for spending.

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This competition celebrates all things fire and food, spending quality time in the great outdoors



What will Round 1 be like?

Chargrilled chicken, tomatoes, peppers and courgette cooking on a Kadai Fire Pitt BBQ


For the first round of the competition, you will need to cook your favourite live-fire dish; the sky's the limit.


The only condition is that the dish has to be cooked over a live fire using either wood or charcoal. Take a photo of your completed dish and film a short video describing the food and telling us about yourself. 

Entries for round one will be open from 7th June to 7th July 2024. 

Preparation for the Final...

The three public vote winners will be invited to participate in the live final at the incredible Ludlow Food Festival from the 13th to the 15th of September, 2024. Once you have received your final pack, you will have a month to prepare for the British Live Fire Cooking Championships. 

You may bring one glamorous assistant with you. You will both need to travel to Ludlow on the morning of Friday, 13th September, ready for the first round!

When is it?










British Live Fire Cooking Championships Short Logo

Where will it be held?

The British Live Fire Cooking Championships will be held at Ludlow Food Festival 2024, on the Live Fire Stage.

Chef at Ludlow Food Festival cooking Dirty Cooked peppers from a Kadai Firebowl

What will the Final be like?

Pineapple and Chorizo Skewers cooking on the Travel Kadai


The championship will include 3 rounds, that will be held on a live fire stage amongst demos from top chefs. All the sessions will be judged by a panel of renowned judges and well-known faces in the BBQ world.

The Final...

For each session the contestants will have 15 minutes to heat up their Kadai, then 30 minutes or 60 minutes to cook and present their dish. 

The entire dish must be cooked in this time from preparing the ingredients to presenting the final meal on a plate.   

Judges will score out of 10 based on a set of criteria that will be announced closer to the competition.

What will be provided?

Charred lettuce cooking on the Kadai Firepit BBQ


Kadai and Love Logs will generously be providing everything you need to compete on the British Live Fire Cooking Championships: 

Accommodation for the finalist and one assistant 

Transport from the accommodation to Ludlow Food Festival and back

Tickets for all 3 days at the Ludlow Food Festival

A 80cm Kadai fire bowl and any required accessories for the stage 

Wood and charcoal from Love Logs 

Cooking equipment and utensils 

A budget for ingredients for each round

What will be expected?

King Prawns cooking on a Kadai BBQ


Each finalist will need to:

Arrange travel to Ludlow on 13th September

Have communicated with Kadai and Love Logs about arrival time

Have prepared what they are going to cook on stage

Given a ingredients list to Kadai and Love Logs

Any pre-confirmed special equipment (non fire cooking)

Brought any specialist ingredients they require (like herbs and spices)  

Arrange travel from Ludlow on 16th September 

World Food Championships

Kadai Dutch Oven over a Plancha Kadai cooking chicken skewers and charred vegetables


The winner of The British Live Fire Cooking Championships will receive tickets to participate in the World Food Championships in Indianapolis, with a shot at the $100k prize. This includes two flights and accommodation in Indianapolis from 6th-13th November. 

Previous years at Ludlow...

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Want to enter?

Take a look at how to be a part of this years competition below!

British Live Fire Cooking Championships Short Logo
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